Fastbraces Dorset

Fastbraces Dorset

Braces are the most effective method of correcting a number of dental issues including crowding, overbites, underbites, gaps and crooked teeth. Whilst they produce fantastic results many people, especially adults, are reluctant to use them. They may think wearing braces will negatively impact their appearance, draw unwanted attention to their teeth which they are already self-conscious about, cause their peers to judge them or many other reasons.

And we totally get it! Braces are associated with an unflattering stereotypical image and it’s not a surprise that people want to avoid them. You have probably seen examples of it on TV and in movies – a character with a mouth full of metal, unable to talk or close their mouth properly, often wearing a ridiculous metal contraption over their head. This may have been the case with a more primitive version of braces, but it couldn’t be further from the truth nowadays!

Enjoy Swift and Subtle Treatment with Fastbraces

At The Parkstone Dental Practice we are proud to offer Fastbraces, one of the leading products in brace technology which offers a superior experience. As the name suggests, Fastbraces achieve results much more quickly than traditional braces. If the thought of having to wear braces for years is what puts you off, you need not worry. With Fastbraces your treatment time is measured in months, not years.

As well as delivering swift results, Fastbraces also offer a subtle appearance. Their clear ceramic brackets look incredibly natural on your teeth and alongside the available tooth coloured wire, your braces will be hardly noticeable. Anybody who does notice them will be much too busy admiring their sleek and subtle design to be making any judgements!

Clear Braces Bournemouth

While we always encourage our patients to be proud of their braces and the fact they are actively working on improving their oral health, we also understand that is much easier said than done. If you do feel compelled to conceal them in certain situations, the events of the past couple of years have provided the perfect solution. Wearing a facemask in public has become entirely socially acceptable. If you are ever feeling a bit self-conscious of your braces, simply pop on your facemask and nobody will be any the wiser!

We Can Help you Smile with Confidence

If you think your smile would benefit from braces but you are concerned that you may feel embarrassed wearing them, Fastbraces are an excellent solution. These clear braces are incredibly understated in their appearance, offering a quick and effective orthodontic treatment that you will be comfortable wearing throughout your day to day life. And trust us, however embarrassed you may feel wearing braces, we guarantee it’ll be worth it when you get to show off your gorgeous smile afterwards!

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