We have some fantastic news to share – our very own Dr. Richard Edwards has officially become a Senior Master Provider in Fastbraces®! As the highest accreditation possible for Fastbraces® providers it is a huge achievement that required a lot of dedication & hard work and everybody here at Parkstone Dental Practice is very proud of Dr. Edwards. Given there are less than twenty Senior Master Providers in the country he is now part of a very exclusive club!

Fastbraces® in Parkstone

Fastbraces® are a breakthrough technology that is somewhat new to the UK. They can produce incredible results in comparison to traditional braces within a timescale that is measured in weeks & months rather than years. Safe and affordable, Fastbraces® are an attractive alternative to conventional treatments. Offering long term improvements they are not to be mistaken for short term cosmetic orthodontics. As well as the benefit of rapid results Fastbraces® also show a significant decrease in reports of pain when compared to patients with traditional braces.

The number of patients opting for Fastbraces® ahead of traditional braces is growing constantly. At Parkstone Dental Practice we can offer advice on a case by case basis, ensuring you make an informed decision on whether Fastbraces® can help you achieve the happy & healthy smile you desire. As a Senior Master Provider Dr. Edwards, our qualified private dentist in Poole, has knowledge and expertise in Fastbraces® that is second to none and consistently offers the highest quality of care.

To discuss our Fastbraces® service or the other orthodontics we can offer, contact the friendly team at Parkstone Dental Practice, our dental surgery in Penn Hill, today and take that first step towards smiling with confidence.