Dental Implants In Poole

If you’ve suffered the misfortune of losing one or more of your teeth it is always recommended you seek treatment from a dentist as soon as possible. Missing teeth can cause you to experience difficulties in things other people take for granted such as eating and speaking. Alongside this it may also have a negative effect on your confidence, making you feel self-conscious and embarrassed to smile.

There are options available to replace missing teeth, including dentures and dental bridges. However these options both come with significant downsides. Dentures are often uncomfortable to wear, may not stay in place properly and it can be quite obvious to others that you are using them. A dental bridge is a more effective treatment than dentures however due to the nature of them they can be detrimental to the adjacent teeth, running the risk of causing permanent damage.

Teeth Implants in Bournemouth

Dental implants, a much more recent technology in comparison to dentures and dental bridges, offer a discreet and long-lasting tooth replacement solution. They function exactly like natural teeth, as well as looking and feeling completely genuine. Dental implants are equally as effective in the replacement of a single tooth as they are when replacing multiple teeth. If given the proper oral care there is no reason they will not last as long as a normal tooth.

As the name suggests the procedure involves having an implant embedded directly into your jawbone, with the implant acting as the root of a tooth. The bone surrounding the implant then fuses to it ensuring the tooth implant is held firmly in place. The replacement tooth can then be fastened securely to the implant where it will stay in place, functioning exactly as a normal tooth would.

Unfortunately while they are a fantastic solution to replacing missing teeth dental implants are not available to everybody. For the implant to receive the required level of structural support you must have enough jawbone to support it. If this isn’t the case however, it may be possible to solve this with a bone graft taken from elsewhere in your body. There are other cases in which dental implants may not be suitable for you, including if you suffer from specific chronic conditions, regularly take certain medications or smoke cigarettes.

If you are looking to replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth our dental implants service at our Dental Practice could be the solution for you. Contact us today to book a consultation with a member of our team and take the first step in restoring your smile. We will provide further information on the entire dental implant process and assess whether you are suitable for the procedure.