Snore Guards At Our Dental Surgery In Poole

Are you looking for an effective snoring treatment? Do you suffer with obstructive sleep apnoea? Are teeth grinding problems keeping you awake?

If you are suffering from snoring, sleep apnoea or teeth grinding The Parkstone Dental Clinic can help with an effective anti-snoring device. The bespoke Somnowell device helps treat snoring, obstructive sleep apnoea and teeth grinding and is clinically proven to help patients.

Somnowell Snore Guards are now available in Poole & Bournemouth!

Somnowell snore guards are now available at our dental surgery in Penn Hill. Our highly qualified dentist in Poole, Richard, is an experienced Somnowell practitioner offering patients this exclusive treatment to help combat snoring and sleep apnoea. Richard has been fitting Somnowell snore guards for over ten years, he recommends them as they are extremely durable and have a lifespan of over 10 years for some patients.

UK based Somnowell Ltd are the leading manufacturer of snore guards and you can now make an appointment at The Parkstone Dental Clinic to see if this anti-snoring device could help you. Made with chrome cobalt technology, the Somnowell is a comfortable device that is slimline and designed to be extremely hygienic.

Not only is Somnowell an effective anti-snoring device but it can help prevent tooth wear, reduce pain and is a durable solution. Our patients have all seen great results and you only need 2-3 appointments before you can start using the Somnowell guard.

If you are considering the Somnowell device book an appointment at our private dentist in Poole today and we can review your dental history and undertake an oral inspection to see if this solution could work for you.