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At Parkstone Dental we are always looking for ways in which we can improve our patient experience and one of the ways that we can successfully do this is by utilising the latest technology. We recently added a brand new CS 3700 Intraoral Scanner to our collection of high quality dental equipment and its state of the art technology promises to make a huge difference in how we capture dental impressions.

While there are a whole host of amazing technical features that we’re all very excited to take advantage of, we don’t want to bore you with a bunch of dental jargon! Instead we’re going to discuss how the CS 3700 will result in an enhanced experience for our patients.

Dental Impressions Made Easy

Intraoral scanners replace the traditional method of collecting a dental impression, offering a much more efficient and effective means of capturing an accurate record of a patient’s teeth. We’re sure many people will be glad to hear there’s an alternative to the unpleasant experience of having their teeth clamped shut with a mouthful of putty for several minutes!

As a result of the industry-leading scanning technology the CS 3700 can provide rapid scanning without compromising on the quality of results, offering consistently accurate results even at high scanning speeds.

The sleek design of the scanner has the benefit of minimising any potential discomfort, especially for those with dental anxiety or a sensitive gag reflex. It also offers continuous scanning which means if the process is interrupted for any reason and the procedure has to be stopped, we can simply pick up where we left off rather than having to start the entire scan again.

Increased Efficiency for Patient and Dentist

The ability to produce accurate impressions quickly is only one way in which this fantastic piece of kit improves efficiency. The main advantage of capturing a digital impression over a physical one is that it allows us to send it to the relevant departments immediately, as opposed to the normal practice of sending the moulds via mail. This saves us time, resources and means the patient benefits from a much swifter service.

Also, while we certainly hope the current risks and restrictions eventually become a thing of the past, in the current COVID-19 climate the ability to send and receive dental impressions digitally enables us to offer services that otherwise may not have been permitted.

Smart-Shade Matching Technology

The CS 3700 also features smart-shade matching, an impressively effective innovation that can detect the exact shade of tooth enamel. With crowns and other restorative treatments it will identify the perfect colour match, taking any guesswork out of the process, ensuring the patient receives a solution that looks entirely natural.

Cosmetic Dentistry Poole & Bournemouth

We’re dedicated to providing care and treatment of the highest standard to our patients at all times and we’re confident that our new intraoral scanner will further improve our range of general and cosmetic dentistry services. If you require a dentist in Poole or Bournemouth contact us today on 01202 747545 to book your appointment.